If you are charged with a crime in federal court, or could be charged in federal court, you want an attorney who is experienced in Utah’s federal court system.  Defending a case in federal court has many differences than defending a case in state court, and experience dealing with the vast differences can have a major impact on your case.  You need an attorney with experience dealing with the voluminous and complex United States Sentencing Guidelines. Understanding these Guidelines is imperative to receiving knowledgeable advice about your case, negotiating a potential resolution, litigating the case including in trial, and, if applicable, receiving the most favorable sentence.  Our firm has a large practice in federal court with well over a hundred federal cases with several through jury trial. 

Recently our firm defended a client in a large-scale RICO prosecution where he was acquitted on five of six counts.  The guilty count was a duplicative count from state court where he had already pleaded guilty so we admitted he was guilty on that count.  Our client was sentenced to 36 months probation on the one guilty count whereas he was facing a mandatory 35 years for the gun charges which was to run consecutive to any sentence imposed for the other charges. Read article here.

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