Wanda Barzee

Scott C. Williams represented Wanda Barzee in relation to Elizabeth Smart's kidnapping in state and federal court.
Wanda Barzee Found Competent to Stand Trial 
Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Apologizes to Family at Sentencing
Wanda Barzee Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison
Elizabeth Smart's Kidnapper: "I Am So Sorry..."
Elizabeth Smart Faces Down Her Kidnapper in Court
(Ms. Barzee's co-defendant, Brian David Mitchell, received life in prison while Ms. Barzee was sentenced to 15 years.)


Christopher Neal Jeppson

Scott C. Williams represented Christopher Neal Jeppson in federal court against allegations of perjury and making a false statement to a federal agent, and in state court against allegations of murder. After intense litigation including a week-long preliminary hearing, suppression hearings, hearings resulting in the government being forced to provide information, and a hearing whether Mr. Jeppson's passed polygraph would be admitted to trial, the matter was resolved to a No Contest plea to obstruction of justice with a sentence equal to and concurrent to his federal sentence.
Defendant's ex-wife faces tough cross-examination
Defense wants polygraph test admitted in Kiplyn case
No body, no case, defense argues
Suspect in Kiplyn Davis murder wants a bench trial
Change of venue sought in Kiplyn case

Wade G. Maughan

Scott C. Williams represented Wade G. Maughan in a lengthy, cold capital homicide case. Prosecutors attempted to remove Mr. Williams and his co-counsel from their representation but were unsuccessful. The matter was tried over three weeks and the jury acquitted him in less than four hours of deliberation.
Wade Garrett Maughan found not guilty in 1984 murder
Man acquitted in 1984 slaying near Brigham City
Not guilty: Maughan cleared in '84 slaying


Nathan Sloop

Scott C. Williams currently represents Nathan Sloop in Davis County against allegations of abuse and murder of his step-son.

Joshua Powell

Scott C. Williams represented Joshua Powell during the investigation of his missing wife, Susan Powell.
Husband of missing Utah woman hires attorney